w/Coach Toni

As a teacher who teaches remotely, I have noticed a change in the morale of my students. Learning with boring programs on zoom without being able to get a hands on learning experience is taking a toll on my students and their participation in their education has decreased. 

Virtual Senior Trip would follow me to different states where I interview successful people who my seniors could look up to in order to give them a glimpse of something that they can aspire to to motivate them to keep pushing.  The first trip will take place on the 12th of February in Dallas Texas. I will have 100 eager kids over zoom shadow me as I build a Friday full of fun things I can show them about Dallas and maybe two or three people who are successful in their field who can show my students the ropes and have live conversations with them. The purpose is for students to be able to engage in real time with the experience and feel included.

I will make math lesson plans based on the life all of my guests to show my students that math is everywhere and that we can still master the curriculum without being bored on zoom. 

For the remaining days that I am in Dallas, I will visit other attractions and interview other influential persons to create a video collection for my students. 

I would really love to do this for my seniors and be able to make this a regular program where students who have had to skip their senior trips and ceremonies can enjoy my virtual trips.

Remaining Necessities for the trip:

Lodging: $318
Car Rental: $500
Gas: $30.00
Food: $250.00
Tripod: $30.00
Large Storage Drive for Videos: $150
Round Trip Flight: $100.00
Admission to ATT Stadium Tour: $35.00
Dallas City Pass: $47.00
Mobile Hot Spot + Service $100.00

Schedule of Events:
Updated: 02.01.21 
The roster for the virtual senior trip day of events is being put together. As the itinerary comes together, this page will be updated with the series of events.

Alternatively or additionally, if you are connected to ways that I can gain exposure for my program to help build it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!