Once upon a time, Coach Toni found herself tutoring many students in the subject of Math. As chance would have it, all expressed an extreme dislike for math at every opportunity that they got; the formulas were strange, the language was foreign and the need for memorization proved itself annoying at best.

The strange part was that Toni always noticed her students doing math even though they didn't realize it. They would use fractions when splitting their afternoon snack with their siblings, they would use addition, subtraction and multiplication to negotiate a higher monetary allowance and one student even correctly calculated the parabolic trajectory of his toy car because he was about to throw it in an act of rebellion.

Play.Math.Grow was born because Toni quickly saw a need to connect the 'every day' to the academic mathematical language that is presented to students in school. She figured that if students actually realized that a simple translation stood between their mathematical actions and their understanding of it, they may actually attempt to figure out the very subject that they strongly dislike.

Play.Math.Grow was born because wherever Toni goes and whatever she does, she will always be willing to translate mathematical language into every day language and vice versa.

Math is an essential part of everyone's growth. Let her prove it to you.